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Sitefile is a local website server for (project) documentation or notebooks. It is targetted at users/authors of plain-text, file-based content. It aims to add hypertext capabilities to documents of the literal kind, and any other interpreted language.

It at as of 0.0.5-dev supports a couple of markup formats, a diagramming languages, has some initial database support and other Node.JS native languages.

The main documentation is written in reStructuredText format for the Python Docutils publisher. But as many other formats are available as routers can be written for, currently: Markdown, Stylus, SASS/SCSS, Coffee Script, Graphviz and others.


Have a Sitefile.yaml or .json and fire up sitefile from this directory.

E.g. to serve a simple little site:

sitefile: 0.0.5-dev
  _my_markdown_routes: md:**/*.md
  _my_stylus_routes: styl:**/*.styl
  media: static:media/
  ChangeLog: du.rst2html:ChangeLog.rst

That’s it! This expands to routes for all *.md and *.styl files, serves anything in media at /media/, and has another static URL path that renders the changelog with Docutils.

The idea is to leave as much as the aspects of the resources to some in-filesystem object or other local service, wether a document, metadatafile or database. That said the Sitefile.yml can also hold options, and currently cat gets pretty crammed. But future plans include making it optional, and parameterize simple Sitefile sessions through command line arguments.

The Sitefile.yaml with node-sitefile and the list of routers in lib/sitefile/routers for now provides the best starting point for support.

Behind the scenes better documentation and testing is being setup. See the dev docs.


The syntax will change for 0.1 and/or 1.0


For a stale version:

npm install node-sitefile

For the latest version, get the project (clone, download) and inside folder:

npm install -g

Or just make bin/sitefile available on your path wherever you want.


npm install
npm test

Test specifications are in test/mocha/.


See changelog.

Further reading

  • Sitefile planet on alternatives, similar ideas; status quo and prior art.